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Hunter Family. (5.2016)


Dear Lucy,


I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all you have done for my mom. When she came to you last october I really was not sure if mom was going to get better. When she arrived from the rehab hospital she could not eat, could not speak, and could not walk. You and your wonderful staff helped her to eat, speak, and walk again with assistance. I love visiting my mom because she has a smile on her face and I truely belive she is happy and she feels safe.


I wanted also to let you know that your staff is such a pleasure to be around when visiting mom. I want to start with your nurses. Liz and Susan are wonderful and always answer any questions or concerns I have about mom. You can tell they love what they are doing. As for Ricardo I want to tell you that I have watched him with patience on the weekends when I'm there and he is so kind and gentile but most of all I want you to know that when my mom was crying and afraid about somthing he spent the time to calm her and make her feel special. That relly gave me comfort also.


I want to give you a special thank you for hiring 3 of the most special ladies I have ever met. They are Ursul, Ranisha, and Luisa. These three ladies come in and they walk the room and say hello to everyone there with special touches and kisses. They truly shine and make everyone of the patients feels special and loved. Even my husband and family when visiting mom get hugs and well wishes from all three. I cant tell they truly love what they do everyday taking care of such special patients.


Lucy I am so happy that I found your home for my mom. Yes I am calling Victoria Villa a home because that is what you have made it for your residents. I will never stop talking to others about how happy and pleased I am with Victoria Villa.


Thank you so much for loving my mom!


Mary M. (8.2015)


Dear Lucy,


My brother, Paul, my sister, Judy, and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appriciation for the wonderful care that you and your staff gave my Mother, during the 3 years she called Victoria Villa home. After her being at 2 other facilities in the area where they left her in bed and ingnored her needs, we were blessed to finally find your facility. You and your staff showed concern for her needs despite of her diminished capacity to communicate. We are really thankful for the loving care that you and your outstanding employees showed her, taking much time to bathe, feed, and dress her. Even when she was incapable of helping at all. You all kept us informed of her medical situation and were always careful to take our concerns into consideration.


We do especially want to thank you for the care taken to make us comfortable as you allowed us to spend those final hours with mom in such a nice setting. We thank everyone who stopped by to lend support and comfort, and to express their love for mom. You truely have a staff and facility that you can be proud of and we are happy to reccomend Victoria Villa to others who benifit from the care you provide. 



Michael S. (1.2014)


Our combined families would like to take a moment to send you this well over do letter to thank you, and your entire staff at Victoria Villa.

We cannot express to you how important our mother is and was to our family, not only was she our mother, but she was the very last of a genertion in our family to pass away.

God had to be looking down on us when we found Victoria Villa, as a more caring, personal, and professional facility we could not ask for. Your staff gave us a confidence and piece of mind knowing that our mothers every needs were being taken care of as if we were doing it ourselves, and allowed our mother to live with dignity in the twilight of her life.

Once again thank you for all you have doone, and hope you all the best in the future.


Stuart M. (10.2011)


I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent care you offered my mother Ethel during the 15 years she lived at Victoria Villa. I truly believe it was your efforts on behalf of my mother that enabled her to live so long with her condition. I will always value your caring attention to her needs.

As you know, I visited my mother often during those 15 years and I rarely let the staff know when I was coming. In all those years, I found my mother well cared for and functioning to the level that she was able, this was always a source of comfort to me since I lived so far away.

Again, thank you very much for giving my mother the kind and considerate support and assistance she needed during her long illness.


Lynn V. (09.2010)


Thank you and your wonderful staff for the care you showed my father during his recent stay. It was evident from the moment we transported him to Victoria Villa that he was in good hands.

May god continue to o bless your staff with strength and good health.


Betty S. (04.2011)


Let me again thank you for the great kindness my Aunt received from you and your staff, not to mention the good food and friendly activities

I don’t know of a better place, and of course I recommend your ALF frequently.


Karen .M (07.2011)


It has now been over seven weeks since my mom Ella gas passed and we would like to thank you for all the loving care she had been given while in your facility.  In the three plus years she was there she was given loving attention and care that we greatly appreciated.


Janice B. (08.2010)


Thank you for the wonderful care you and your staff gave my mom this last year of her have a very unique environment and you should be proud. Kudos to you!


Amy C. (05.2010)


I want to express my deepest gratitude for the care you and your staff gave my father,Norman, during his years as a resident of Victoria Villa. He was treated with the care, kindness, and concern that made the last years of his life safe, comfortable, and happy.


Dr. Kirk S. (10.2008)


I would like to thank you and your staff for the years of support and caring you gave my step father, Hugh. Equally important to me is the support you showed my mother. She always felt welcomed and encouraged by her visits. My mother has had nothing but praise for the caring Hugh received.

Over the years you allowed Hugh to continue to function at his highest level with dignity. Dealing with the progressive loss of mental function in a loved one is difficult. Your facility made it easier.


Beatrice S. (10.2008)


Now that I have had a chance to gather my thoughts I wish to thank you and teh staff of Victoria Villa for the compassion, care and dignity my husband, was accorded over teh past two years.

Durring my almost daily visits i frequently witnessed actions by the staff that were litterally beyond the call of duty.


Rick H. (06.2007)


I eanted to take this time to offer my sinker appreciation for you and your Entire staff. I am very grateful that i was able to have you care for my Mom for the past 4 years.



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